Monday, 25 January 2016

The Principles of Moorland Management gathers pace

Progress on this project has suffered from being in the shadow of the Understanding Predation project, but we are making progress.

The latest version of the plan for this project is on the project page of the Forum's website and this provides the detail of what this project aims to achieve. In summary:
  1. The project aims to identify the best practice techniques to be used for a variety of moorland management practices;
  2. The project will publish short summaries of the key issues on the Forum’s website and will link to other guidance, where this is available;
  3. If guidance gaps are identified, the project may commission the production of appropriate detailed guidance; and
  4. The guidance published by the project will be reviewed at least annually and updated when necessary.
It has been agreed that initially the project will focus on guidance that covers four topics:

Lead Organisation
Worm Control in Grouse
Predator control & Snaring
Sheep Ticks & Mountain Hare
Heather Cutting
Heather Trust

A Guidance Group will be established for each topic and the Group will operate in accordance with a brief agreed by the Steering Group.  The first brief, for Worm Control in Grouse, has been drafted and currently this is under review - it can be viewed on the webpage.  When finalised, the Guidance Group will start work.

I will publish more information about this important project as it gathers momentum, but please use the Comment facility below, if you would like more information.

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