About the Forum

The Forum was established in March 2002 with 24 member organisations.  Currently, there are 28 members and a full list is on the next page.  The Forum engages with matters influencing the moorland and upland of Scotland, and while working to achieve a consensus amongst its members, actively promotes improvements in policy, practice and management.

Governance of the Forum
Lord Lindsay has been the Forum’s independent Chairman, since November 2007.   Simon Thorp, the Director of The Heather Trust, is also the Forum’s Director and Anne Stoddart is the Administrator.

From 1 April 2013, the support from Scottish Natural Heritage for the work of the Forum has been provided through a Service Level Agreement.  This Agreement was reviewed on 1 April 2016 for a further three years, and it covers the main meetings of the Forum and some working group activity.  Members of the Forum are indebted to SNH for this funding.

The Chairman's costs are met from a subscription paid by all the members.