Saturday, 25 February 2012

SNH: Wildlife Management Survey - more information

SNH has commissioned Why Research to carry out some research to help the organisation gain a better understanding of wildlife management issues in Scotland, which remain hugely topical.

SNH now has many, and an increased number, of responsibilities in relation to wildlife management, including new roles on Deer and licensing, providing information on best practice, invasive non-native animals and species introductions. It is important that SNH provides a service that best meets the needs of its customers.

This survey is about determining understanding and awareness of SNH's roles and views on the services they provide. It is primarily aimed at individuals and organisations with a direct interest or involvement in wildlife management activities. This could include, for example, gamekeepers, farmers, stalkers and recreational shooters and their representative organisations, as well as national conservation bodies and their members.

As well as a survey, the work will involve a series of focus groups amongst members of these bodies.
The findings will also help SNH test and report to the Scottish Parliament on how successful the merger with the Deer Commission for Scotland in 2010 is judged to have been.

The survey will be live between 5-19 March 2012.  The survey can be accessed at

More information from: Sue Granville, Director, Why Research.

Tick Bite Prevention Week: 26 March - 1 April 2012

For more information see The Heather Trust's Blog article.

JHI Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the James Hutton Institute has been published.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Scottish Natural Heritage: Wildlife Management Survey - views required

SNH has commissioned Why Research to carry out a survey designed to tell SNH what members of the public and those who deal with the organisation think of the way that wildlife is managed in Scotland. It is also designed to tell SNH what people who deal with the organisation think of the level of service they provide.

The aim is to capture the views of as many people as possible and anyone interested in this subject is encouraged to complete the questionnaire, which will only take a few minutes. The survey will be live between 5-19 March 2012.  The survey can be accessed at

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kyoto Protocol and National Accounting for Peatlands

Work in progress on Exmoor (photo:ENPA)
The IUCN UK Peatland programme has published a briefing that describes the changes to accounting for peatlands introduced as a result of the conference in Durban, last year.

This information is not easy to digest, but the news is good in that drainage and re-wetting of peatlands can now be taken into account to meet emissions reduction targets.

This is recommended reading for all with an interest in peatland management, and especially for those attending the meeting of the Forum's Peatland Working Group on 21 February in Aberdeen.

Ten Years of Scotland's Moorland Forum

The 10th Anniversary of the Forum's launch falls on 2 March 2012 and the Forum will be holding a special meeting at Battleby to mark the occasion.  

We are delighted that the Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson, MSP, has agreed to provide us with his view of the unique support the Forum is able to provide to the Scottish Government.

Colin Galbraith, the former Director of Policy & Advice for SNH, was largely responsible for establishing the Forum in 2002 and he has agreed to provide a view of past successes and future opportunities & challenges.  

Presentations by Stuart Housden, Director of RSPB Scotland and Luke Borwick, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, will provide views of how the Forum can help to deliver the objectives for the conservation and land managing communities, respectively, and the development of links to European and International issues will also be considered.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thinking CAP: Upland Research & Management

The online booking facility is now available from the GWCT website.  For details see the earlier post, below.