Saturday, 30 October 2010

Opening Words

Welcome to the Moorland Forum's blog.  This is intended as a place for the exchange of news and views about the moorlands and uplands of Scotland, and beyond.

Anyone can add comments to the posts and are encouraged to do so.  I will add posts of relevant(?) information from time to time, but I would welcome input from members of the Forum - I will be pleased to publish their information.  The more exchange of information we can attract, the more useful will be this Blog and the better informed we will all be.

May I suggest that all members of the Forum 'follow' this Blog so that you will receive a notification when it is updated.  I will also publish 'tweets' on the MF Twitter account (@moorlandforum) when I have added important information to the Blog.

While this may appear to be a bit 'nurdy' for some, I hope by using this Blog and Twitter we can encourage a greater flow of information between us.