Sunday, 10 January 2016

Muirburn Code Review - it's all go

I had a good meeting with the Scottish Government, on Friday, and we have agreed the approach to the review.  I will provide full details when I have agreed the contract with the Government on behalf of the Forum, but the key features are:
  • The review process will start this month;
  • A draft revised Code will be produced by the end of August;
  • The draft revised Code will be road-tested in four workshops to be held in different parts of the country during the next muirburn season;
  • Feedback from the workshops will be used to refine the Code; and  
  • A revised Code will be presented to the Scottish Government for adoption when all feedback has been incorporated.
I am pleased that this next phase in the review process is following the recommendations from the Critique Phase Report that the Muirburn Group presented to the Scottish Government in June 2014.  No commitment can be given to moving beyond this phase of work.  However, there is plenty of work to be done in short term, and I hope that this will lead to further development in the longer term.

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