Thursday, 27 February 2014

Forest Enterprise Scotland - Open Land Workshop

It may surprise you that in Scotland, within the National Forest Estate, there is about 200,000 ha of open land, which is land that is not planted with trees.  In June, last year, the Forum was commissioned by Forest Enterprise Scotland to attend a workshop in the Galloway Forest Park to consider the use of two areas of open land and to make recommendations for how these areas could be managed.

A report from the workshop is available on the Forum's website and I would like to encourage members to review the report and to let me know what they think about it.  I will raise this at the Forum meeting tomorrow (28 February) and I will welcome feedback about the approach, the content and/or the recommendations.

As an indication of the scope of the report, the national implications coming from the report covered: restoration of peat hydrology, monitoring of peatland, grazing management, wet heath management and bracken control.

Forest Enterprise has suggested that another workshop could be held in a different part of the National Forest Estate this year and no doubt this would throw up a range of different issues.  I would be interested to hear whether you would be willing to support a workshop, if the issues were relevant to you.

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