Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Chairman's Working Group - 7 February

The meeting was held at the RSPB Scottish HQ, Edinburgh

Attendance: Apologies:
Jamie Lindsay Chairman Andrew Coupar SNH
Simon Thorp  Director Malcolm  Younger RICS
Anne Stoddart Administrator Davy McCracken SRUC
Tim Baynes SL&E Ronnie Kippen SGA
Roger Burton SNH Adam Smith GWCT
Will Boyd-Wallis CNPA
Hugh Dignon SG
Alex Hogg SGA
Duncan Orr-Ewing RSPB
Chris Wernham BTO

Summary of the Discussion

1               Agenda for the Forum meeting on 28 February  

  • Modified and agreed.

2               Species Interactions

  • New title agreed: Understanding Predation
  • Paper discussed at the meeting would be revised to incorporate the issues considered, and the revised version would be circulated to Forum members for review at the Forum meeting.
  • Scope to be: "Avian and mammalian predators of wild birds".  Piscivorous birds would be excluded, but it was agreed that the scope could include mammal on mammal predation where it was relevant.

3               Forum Summer Meeting

  • Mar Lodge at Braemar was the preferred option and details will be presented at the Forum meeting.  Members will be asked to consider the proposal.

4               Development of best practice Moorland Management Guidance          

  • This would be a development of the Principles of Moorland Management, published by the Forum in 2003.  The proposal that was discussed would also be presented at the Forum meeting.

5               Governance

  • Four members had yet to pay their annual subscriptions.

6               SNH Chairman

  • An early opportunity would be sought for the Chairman and Director to meet Andrew Thin’s successor as Chairman of SNH.

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