Saturday, 16 March 2013

Moorland Forum - Commissioned Work

The portfolio of commissioned work is taking shape and this includes work for: Scottish Water, SEPA, SNH, Forest Enterprise, Scottish Government (Muirburn Code Review and Land Use strategy).  There is more potential work in the pipeline.

Having developed the portfolio we are now moving to the delivery stage.

I am working on the feedback received as part of the Critique Phase to the Muirburn Code Review. The results of my efforts will be circulated as a draft report on Monday, 18 March and this will be discussed at a meeting of the Muirburn Group on 21 March.

A draft report is being prepared, with input from GWCT, Scottish Land & Estates, Pareto Consulting and the IUCN Peatland Programme. This will be discussed at a second meeting to be held on 21 March.

A peatland meeting is being prepared for Scottish Water personnel and this will be held at Glen Turret, near Crieff on 3 April with external input from: Crichton Carbon Centre, Penny Anderson Associates, Dinsdale Moorland Services.

Members of the Forum have been asked to provide information of the land management events they are planning in 2013 and also ideas for the sort of events that the Forum could run or support to assist SNH with its objectives for sharing good practice with land managers.

I am grateful for the support from members of the Forum with these initiatives to date, and I hope that this effort will raise the impact that we can have as a Forum. The big difference is that there is funding attached to this work, which means that while members may not receive payment at a commercial rate, they are not being expected to provide this support for nothing.

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