Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Focus on the Access Forum

The Access Forum met on 5 March 2013 and their secretary, Mark Wrightham, has published an update based on the discussion at the meeting. This can be downloaded here.

The Access Forum has a section on the Outdoor Access website and this contains more details about the discussions that the Forum is involved with.  John Thomson, formerly of SNH, took over as the Convenor, last year.

Although we have several members in common, I keep in touch with the Access Forum's activities to look for any issues of mutual interest for the Moorland Forum.

I am keen to maintain good links with the Access Forum, as with other fora, as there must be benefits from working together. Strengthening our links to other groups is one of the benefits I hope will come out of the work I am hoping to carry out for the Scottish Government to identify all the groups and fora that feed into the Environment and Forestry Directorate.

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