Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Scottish Wildfire Forum - there is life

Photo: Andy Law
I took part in the pre-meeting discussion with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS), this morning.  The Scottish Wildfire Forum was resting during the lead up to the formation of the SFRS on 1 April.  Two days later, the SFRS was embroiled in a series of  major wildfire incidents, principally in north west Scotland.  These incidents served as a wake up call, if one were needed, about the importance of planning for wildfire, and this has given impetus to discussions about the size and shape required for a revitalised Wildfire Forum.

Something good will come from this, and I believe that the revised SWF will be better able to support the need to prepare for wildfire.  I hold the view that planning for wildfire will reduce the risks to life and the risk of disruption to communities, businesses and the environment close to wildfires.

A Wildfire Manual has been prepared and will be published soon.  Although this is an operational guidance for the SFRS, it will provide soon-off documents that will provide wider benefits.  It is possible that the Wildfire Manual will be formally launched at the Wildfire 2013 conference that is being held in South Wales 22-23 October 2013.

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