Saturday, 13 April 2013

Green Stimulus Peatland Restoration Project

Photo: IUCN UK Peatland Programme
In October last year, the Scottish Government announced funding of £1.7 million for peatlands as part of the Green Stimulus Fund.  SNH was given the task of applying this funding to benefit peatlands over a three-year period. 

On 1st April,  Andrew McBride took up the post as Peatland Restoration Manager.  He is developing the Project Plan, that will include eligibility criteria for potential projects.  The aim is to have the criteria and assessment finalised and approved by the beginning of May and details will then be circulated to a wider audience.

Andrew McBride has provided the following guidance on how the funds will be allocated, "there should be no surprises with the primary project objective being: the storage and sequestration of carbon with additional ecosystem services benefits, achieved through peatland restoration and management.  Given the demand so far, the fund will be competitive with those offering the most gains being funded. We will probably have to adjust the level of funding in response to demand and also the benefits accrued. Funding can also span the two remaining years of the project."

If anyone would like to know more about peatland restoration and management, there is some information on the Peatland Working Group page of the Moorland Forum website, otherwise, please get in touch.

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