Friday, 17 August 2012

Windfarms and Minerals: Exploring benefits for biodiversity and communities in South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership 2012 Conference and Funding Fair

When: 26th September 
Where: Hamilton Racecourse
Price: Free

The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership will be holding their second conference on 26 September at Hamilton Racecourse.  The event will be looking at renewable energy developments and how they can benefit both biodiversity and the communities that host them.

The development and implementation of habitat management plans has brought large areas of land under positive management for biodiversity and gives us a unique opportunity to implement ecosystem restoration and management at a landscape scale. Mineral restoration plans offer another avenue to secure gains for biodiversity when on-site operations are complete.
Many windfarm operators also contribute to community grant funds. These funds are available to community groups and offer further opportunities for the enhancement of biodiversity at a local level.
This conference aims to bring together windfarm and mineral site operators, ecologists, environmental organisations and community groups. The event will be split into two sessions, with delegates free to attend either session or come along for the full day.
The morning session will provide a forum for the sharing of experience in Habitat Management Plan development and implementation, learn from those who have experienced some of the problems of large scale habitat restoration and management and highlight examples of good practice at operational sites.
The afternoon session is especially geared towards local communities and volunteer groups. 
To attend please contact:  
Siân Williams, 
Biodiversity Officer, South Lanarkshire Council. 
Email: Tel: 01698 426213

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