Friday, 27 July 2012

SNH Conference: Managing Species in a Challenging Climate

22-23 (Thursday-Friday) November 2012, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Scotland's five year Species Action Framework (SAF) programme ended in March this year. This programme advanced conservation and management action for 32 of Scotland's species – including: beaver, red squirrel, sea eagle, capercaillie, freshwater pearl mussel, great yellow bumblebee, woolly willow and invasive non-native species such as North American signal crayfish.

SNH is holding a conference to highlight the results, pass on experiences and look ahead at what needs to be done. We will cover a wide range of activities spanning on-the-ground conservation, tackling species conflicts and invasive non-native species, and developing novel approaches to sustainable use and management.  See the flyer for more details.

The conference programme is available and Session 5 on Day 2 will be of particular interest to Forum members.  It will consider Conflicts and Sustainable Management with presentations by, amongst others: Steve Redpath, Des Thompson, Simon Lester (Langholm Headkeeper) and Susan Davies.

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