Friday, 11 March 2011

Wildlife Management - SNH's role and priorities

SNH has published feedback to those who responded to the consultation on Wildlife Management in December 2010.  The Board paper can be downloaded here.  Is there a role for the Moorland Forum here?

The covering e-mail message is repeated below:

Our role in wildlife management: discussion on our future priorities 
Our Board met on the 22 February and discussed the attached paper which outlined our proposed future wildlife management priorities.  This was prepared following our recent consultation looking at this new programme of wildlife management work.

The Board were very supportive of the general approach laid out in the paper and the priority areas identified for early work.  They recognised that this was an important area for SNH and complemented our existing activities very well.  It was recognised that there is a desire for greater co-ordination and leadership in wildlife management work, but that clarity was needed on where SNH's influence would be most beneficial.

It was noted that animal welfare was an important aspect of this work and that a more objective approach to animal welfare issues would enable more transparent decisions to be made by SNH and other public bodies on wildlife management work.  It was also felt that more could be done by SNH and others to promote a more informed and balanced public debate on the welfare matters.

Our Board also recognised that this work needed to be underpinned by sound science and this should build on existing work and data collection by other bodies.  It was recognised that SNH Board and Committees had limited expertise in areas of social science and this expertise may need to be supplemented to enable effective support of this programme of work.

Finally, the Board noted that staff and financial resources were limited and asked staff to develop the identified priorities into a realistic programme of work that would enable tangible progress to be delivered within the next 2 years.

We will be developing our wildlife management programme along these lines and look forward to working with you as this work is progressed.
If you have any queries about any of the details within the paper please contact one of us:

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