Tuesday, 2 November 2010

IUCN Peatland Programme - Open Inquiry 3 November

The Peatland Programme is holding an Open Inquiry in Edinburgh on 3 November to allow expert witnesses to give their views 'for the record' in a non-confrontational manner.  The aim is to obtain evidence and views from the managers of peatland and to gain an understanding of the motives for peatland restoration from a practitioners viewpoint.  End users and regulators will be asked what are the drivers for peatland conservation and what opportunities exist for improving delivery.  A wider public audience will also be able to provide their views.

I will be appearing in front of the panel, with Tim Baynes, to provide a landowner / land manager perspective.  We had to prepare a statement in advance and this can be downloaded.

In view of the relevance of this event to the work of the Moorland Forum, with input from Clifton Bain, the Peatland Programme Director, a press release has been issued to promote the programme and this event.

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